We offer two models of service to clients. We call these our Compliance and Advantage models. The best thing about these two plans is that you choose how you’ll “consume” our help. You will likely experience different levels of need over the course of our relationship.

We’ll always deliver you our best advice, and our most direct assessment of your situation. We’ll always tell you what you need to know instead of what you want to hear. That will be a constant whether you are a Compliance client, or an Advantage client. You get to choose how you will engage us and pay for our help.


Compliance Client

Pay as you go for only what you need.

 You pay for services rendered, as they are rendered. Use our team as you need us. Pay for our help as you go! As a Compliance client, whenever the need arises, you’ll reach out to us. We’ll discuss and clarify your needs, determine the work required, and agree on our respective responsibilities and the costs involved. No surprises

Advantage Client

Year-round help to achieve your goals.

Starting at $99/month
Everything you need to reach your goals faster.

  1. Proactive Tax Planning
    We’ll work together to make sure you take advantage of the best that the tax code has to offer – let’s take the surprises out of your tax outcome!
  2. Preparation & Filing of your Tax Return
    Your federal and any state tax returns will be accurately prepared and timely filed.
  3. IRS Correspondence Assistance
    Never fear a letter from the IRS, state, or local tax agencies. We will tell you what it means and exactly what needs to be done to address it.
  4. Withholding Analysis
    Avoid needless penalties; let’s make sure your withholding is aligned with your filing goals.
  5. Financial Network Referral
    We “know a guy/gal”, vetted and proven, who does what you need. Let us introduce you.
  6. Unlimited Access to Our Team
    We’re in your corner with knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else!

Starting at $199/month
The business support you’ve always wanted.

  1. Tax Strategy & Business Planning
    What do you want? Why does your business exist? We’ll work with you to increase your efficiency and effectiveness with your “wants” in mind.
  2. Preparation & Filing of your Tax Return
    Completion and filing of your business federal and any state tax return so that you know everything is being taken care of.
  3. Agency & Correspondence Assistance
    Expert help understanding what it  means and if it matters, plus a plan for how to deal with it.
  4. On-Going Entity Compliance
    Keep your entity up to date – peace of mind knowing that all the little things are in order to continue operating confidently.
  5. Succession & Exit Planning
    What’s the exit plan? We’ll create a plan to grow and then exit your business.
  6. CFO Overview
    We’ll help translate the “accounting” into action, working with your numbers expert or installing one.