The YTM Team
Helping You Mind What Matters

Conrad Basom, YTM Firm Success Manager
Tax Wizard – Dadalorian
Superpower: Answering questions with another question.
Able to shave time off any goal.
“Don’t think you are, know you are.” -Morpheus
When I’m not managing the firm’s success, I enjoy training for Ironman but more importantly playtime with the kids.
And we just became best friends if you are even remotely interested in (but not limited to)
Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, LOTR, TMNT, or Harry Potter.

Katie Doran, M.S. Accountancy,
YTM Client Success Manager
Super Preparer – Accountaholic
Superpower: Making things happen.
“If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn
When I am not making magic happen for client returns,
you can find me curled up reading far too many books in a week,
out exploring with my partner in crime, or planning out the next year’s Christmas decorations.

Terese Bartholomew,
YTM Bookkeeping & Accounting
Big Bad Bean Counter – 1099/1098 Reporting Ninja
Superpower: I am an accountant and a super grandma… what’s your superpower?
“Your business is only as strong as your bookkeeping practices.”
When I am not saving the world through peace, goodwill, and reconciliations,
I am spending every chance I get with my beautiful Granddaughter!

Michelle Lopez, YTM Team Success Manager
Admin Guru – Portal Concierge
Superpower: Getting to the root of any issue or problem and
conspiring with others to resolve.
“To love what you do and feel that it matters is a beautiful life!”
When I am not supporting our team and our amazing clients,
my husband and I love exploring the Pacific Northwest and spending time with our family.
I am passionate about cross stitch and creating fabulous nails.